Are you grieving the
loss of a loved one due to gun violence, domestic abuse or other traumatic event?

We all know that death is a part
of life. But when you experience the loss
of a loved one because of gun violence or domestic abuse, you're not only left feeling robbed of your love who's no longer here, but you also experience a range of emotions from fear to depression and then from anger to guilt. But even through that, you are a survivor!

Losing a loved one to gun violence or being the victim of domestic violence is traumatic and devastating,

but it doesn't have to be lonely!

you feel overwhelmed
and think there's no one to talk to...

I’ve been through physical and mental abuse at the hands of my ex-husband and survived. I’ve also experienced the grief of losing a loved one – and a once loved one in the case of my ex – to gun violence. And yes, I survived that as well.
During those dark days, I decided I would make hell pay for stealing the lives of my loved one through guns. I was going to make hell pay for trying to take my life in that abusive relationship. And even though you may not feel it right now, you can too. You can make hell pay for turning your life upside down. I’m a fighter, and I’m betting that since you’re here, you’re a fighter too!
The bottom line is, healing is possible. It’s not that you'll get over the grief, the loss or the trauma - because you don’t. But you will get through. I learned to get through. And I will teach you how to get through.

Together We Will
Make Hell Pay

No matter what is happening, no matter how
you feel, I want you to consider how
you can make hell pay for stealing from you.

You Are A Survivor

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m here to walk you through those dark days after the loss of your loved one to gun violence or after a traumatic experience like domestic violence. I use my own experiences to help you see that you are a survivor and together, we’ll work through how you will live a full life, even as you grieve.

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Lisa is a recognized authority in the areas of grief and trauma recovery and is captivating audiences across the globe with her empowering and motivating message inspired by her own personal story overcoming gun violence and domestic abuse.